Take the video tour on the ZOO! The ZOO extension is a very versatile catalog system for Joomla which allows you to create different catalogs for all purposes. It comes with a comprehensive content construction kit (CCK) which gives you the ability to create your very own custom content types.


Catalog Templates

The Pro Edition of the ZOO comes with additional templates for different kinds of catalogs. In this context catalogs can also mean applications: Most common Joomla components are at the bottom catalogs with a specific item type. For example a blog is a catalog with articles and a download archive is a catalog with downloadable items.

With the ZOO you can achieve the same functionality as of many Joomla extensions and even more. To get you started right away we created additional templates with pre-built types for the ZOO Pro Edition. They are designed for specific puposes like a personal blog or a download archive. All these templates are ready to use. That means, with the ZOO Pro Edition you are only a few clicks away from getting your new catalog online without worrying too much about technical details.


Content Construction Kit

One of the ZOO's key features is a Content Construction Kit (CCK) that gives you the ability to create your very own custom content types. For each custom content type you create you can select the exact elements the type should consist of, like text, images or a file download. In one type you can use any kind of element as often as you want, in any combination. You can also add and remove elements from a custom type at any time, even if you already created items of that type. The elements are completely pluggable and YOOtheme will continually extend the current set of elements.


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