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Android Herotab M10 Preview & Review

Linux Box Solutions Blog - LBS Rants, Raves, News & Reviews


Ok Everyone Find Below our Preview/Review for the Android Herotab M10 Tablet PC.

There is a lot of users out there with these tablets already but I have not been able to find any real development for these unless I'm missing something. If there is a ROM made for these already and a Recovery option that has been proven to work please, please let me know.

Herotab M10 Preview & Review

Now if there is a demand of 50 or more Users LinuxBoxSolution.com will start development and customization on this tablet to hopefully bring to the community a fully working Upgradable ROM that can work with most versions of the Herotab M10's. I do believe there is a couple versions, but correct me if I'm wrong.

Android & The Future

Linux Box Solutions Blog - LBS Rants, Raves, News & Reviews


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The Android Powered World

Imagine in just a few short years Android will Power Most Consumer Electronic Devices known to man. As the foreseen future shows Windows CE is still of no competition in the Mobile Device area. The only viable option at the moment for Windows and Mobile Computing is Windows 7 but even then you have to have a device strong enough and with enough storage capacity to run Windows 7.

We all already know the Apple Ipad and Ipad 2 is a pretty sleek device smoothly running device. But that's the problem with it, it's Apple. The Android OS has become so much more than the Apple iOS has ever thought of being. Android has been the first to make Apple feel the pain. Android has only begun it rein of terror over Apple. With Googles backing Android is not going anywhere.


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LBS Gingerbread or Froyo Gtablet ROM Anyone?






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