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Setup phpMyAdmin on CentOS 5.x

Linux Box Solutions Blog - Linux Articles


phpMyAdmin is a web based front-end GUI programmed in PHP that allows you to control and manage your MySQL Servers. It can be difficult to find a working tutorial so here we actually go over step by step installation of phpMyAdmin on a CentOS 5.x system. This setup should work for any rhel based system.


PHP 5.2 - Setup PHP 5.2 in less than 2 Minutes Click Here
PHP MutliByte String Functions
MySQL 5.0


If you used the link above to install php5.2 than your fine using the next two commands with no worries of having to find another tutorial to install php-mbstring and to ensure you have mysql-server 5.0

yum install php-mbstring mysql-server httpd

Here you are going to make sure the system is fully up to date.

yum update

We are going to set this up in the default Apache directory for ease of this tutorial

cd /var/www/html/

Now we are going to download PHP 5.2 from sourceforge.net

wget -c http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpmyadmin/files/phpMyAdmin/

Untaring the phpMyAdmin compressed file we just downloaded from Sourceforge.net

tar xvfz phpMyAdmin-

This command is only to change the name of the folder that untaring the file from sourceforge.net produced. Which also once again helps for ease of use for the administrator setting up the system.

mv phpMyAdmin- phpMyAdmin

Now we are navigating into the phpMyAdmin directory.

cd phpMyAdmin

We are going to copy over the configuration file from the sample provided by the great folks of phpMyAdmin and just in case you happen to mess up the configuration file you will have the sample to start from again.

cp config.sample.inc.php config.inc.php

Now we are going to edit the configuration of phpMyAdmin.

vi config.inc.php

Under Servers Configuration ---> First Server ---> Authentication Type

There is a line that reads: $cfg['Servers'][$i]['auth_type'] = 'cookie';

Change this line to read: $cfg['Servers'][$i]['auth_type'] = 'http';

Setting up phpMyAdmins MySQL Database and tables needed to correctly run phpMyAdmin.

mysql -uroot -p < scripts/create_tables.sql

Restarting Apache

service httpd restart

Now Visit http://ip-address/phpMyAdmin from another pc on the Network and use the root user name and password to login to the phpMyAdmin.


Android Common Tasks

Linux Box Solutions Blog - Android Articles

Welcome To LinuxBoxSolution.com

Linux Box Solutions Blog - LBS Rants, Raves, News & Reviews

Linux Box Solution

Linux Box Solutions, Inc.

We would like to welcome everyone and say thank you for visiting Linux Box Solution. Here at Linux Box Solution we are dedicated to bringing linux based solutions in to the hands of consumers and consumer devices.

You will find here tutorials on how to do modify android devices, build linux systems, secure networks and more with linux. At the moment Linux Box Solution doesn't sell any products or services, that is not saying we will not in the future but at this moment in time we do not. How we are paid is by you the people visiting our sponsors that you take an interest in. We will be offering a way for the community to donate in the future but as for now we are not.

Please feel free to browse the site and contact us to leave feed back.  We want to hear your response to help make this site, our tutorials, and download offerings what you the consumer wants. Need help modifying your device shoot us over an email so we can help you. Please understand though that we may not be able to answer you immediately but will respond within 24-48 business hours. You could receive responses on Saturday's also but never on a Sunday. Sorry folks that is our Families time and we have a rule that Family day there is no work unless it's with the family.

Install PHP 5.2 on CentOS 5.x Quickly

Linux Box Solutions Blog - Linux Articles

Setup PHP 5.2 on CentOS 5.x Easily


Setting Up Android SDK for Tegra Based Devices

Linux Box Solutions Blog - Android Articles

Nvidias Guide on setting up the Android SDK on Windows for Tegra Based Devices. I want to note that this guide can be used for setting up the Android SDK for other devices. I chose this doc because includes the installation of CYGWIN.

For more information on CYGWIN please visit http://www.cygwin.org...


Linux Box Solutions Update 7/22/2011

Linux Box Solutions Blog - LBS Rants, Raves, News & Reviews

Android Illuminate


Ok everyone, we know you have been waiting for the next release of Android Illuminate. Please check back here at the site either Tonight or Tomorrow for the update. Sorry but didn't want to just throw out an update for nothing, we rather provide quality updates to the Android Illuminate ROM.

In version Android Illuminate 2.5 not much has changed you may notice some graphical changes through out the interface. We are working on a full overhaul and if anyone has any suggestions for the interface of Android Illuminate you are more than welcome to send us your suggestions through the contact form on our Contact Us page.


Android Illuminate and it's stability and performance are still Rivaled in the Honeycomb ROMs for the Viewsonic Gtablet and I have to say thank you to the community of www.LinuxBoxSolutions.com for the support they have show and the great feed back they give. I appreciate everyone's support. This release of Android Illuminate still does not have working Flash, no Full 1080p HD & yes 720p HD works, No Camera as of yet (which we are working on), but stability has improved somewhat with switching some libraries and binaries out for ones from the Acer Iconia and Asus Transformer.

So thank you everyone for your patients and support.


Linux Box Solution Community

Linux Box Solutions | Android Support, Android Development, Linux Help, Linux Tutorials

To the Linux Box Solution Community we would like to thank you all for you support. We first would like to thank everyone who has either Donated or has given time to advise me, and for those that have supported us through our Sponsors thank you all so much. It has allowed us to bring Linux Box Solutions, Inc to a higher quality server so hopefully no one will experience time outs on the site anymore or any more Internal Server Errors. We have also been able to allow for the direct downloads from the website now and not a redirection to MediaFire.

So do to the new found server thanks to the community Linux Box Solutions, Inc. is asking the community to let us know how you want to be provided support for Android Illuminate. We can either provide you a forum for you to post your topics or a knowledge base where you can submit tickets or we can provide a simple Project Management system for anyone to add bugs to and/or try and help build the Android Illuminate Release. This is our community and we want to hear your Voice.





Linux Box Solutions Update 8/1/11

Linux Box Solutions Blog - LBS Rants, Raves, News & Reviews

Linux Box Solutions | Android Support, Android Development, Linux Help, Linux Tutorials

Linux Box Solutions Community

Linux Box Solutions, Inc. wants to once again thank all of it's members and passer by's. We have no reached the point that we have our Support section up waiting for users to post there concerns and issues. Also we have created a Bug Tracking System for any LBS Project. We are also offering to any other Android Developer if they would like storage for projects, bug tracking, & support tools for there ROM and/or Android Apps and Linux Projects.

Coming Soon to a Nook near you will be Linux Box Solutions, Inc. Android HoneyNook! That's right Linux Box Solutions has decided to bring there attention to the Nook Community also. There isn't a specific release date for Android HoneyNook as of yet. We want to bring the user a far more stable experience than any of the other current Honeycomb ROMs for the Nook Color.

Don't forget that Linux Box Solutions, Inc. support is free and does not require registration! So hit us up and let us know what your Android and/or Linux Concerns are Today!

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