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Virtualizing the desktop and provided as a managed service to physicians enables a true “follow me” desktop for the healthcare practitioner.

Caregivers can access their virtual desktops remotely using any traditional PC, laptop or thin client – wired or wireless for extreme flexibility as they move throughout the hospital, move to a different device and even a different campus, and access their desktop and applications exactly where they left off.

Multiple users can use the same terminal or device and at the end of the day – they can even retrieve their same session from their home office.

View manager makes it easy for end users to connect and access their virtual desktop

It integrates with MS Active Directory and an end user simply enters their Windows Username and Password – View Manager authenticates against AD – the credentials are passed through to the datacenter and the appropriate virtual machine is retrieved. Integration with MS AD means no domain changes or schema changes.

View is also able to integrate with SSO vendors such as Juniper Networks.

End users are able to use biometrics devices and smart cards to authenticate and we support two factor authentication such as RSA SecurID.

New with View 4 is Enhanced Single Sign On helps to simplify the authentication process for end-users by providing the option to use a single authentication action for multiple authentication challenges

  • In the slide example the end user is asked to authenticate when first logging into their local desktop/thin client
  • View can be configured to allow the end-user to reuse these credentials when logging into their virtual desktop
  • For this example we will assume that View is set up to reuse the credentials
  • When the end-user logs into their virtual desktop their stored credentials are passed to View Manager and finally to their virtual desktop in the datacenter
  • The end user has entered their credentials once and they have been used the following three times to:
1. Log into the local machine (desktop/thin client)
2. Authenticate with the connection server
3. Log into their virtual desktop

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