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Healthcare IT Solutions


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Healthcare in the 21st century presents enormous challenges. Populations are growing, people are living longer. Many of these patients are living with chronic illnesses  that require ongoing care. Compounding this problem is the widespread lack of skilled caregivers, and the increasing cost of providing care. For people living in rural areas, the situation can be even more challenging, as rising travel costs can make it even more expensive to seek care. With the right technologies in place, you can readily address your most pressing concerns:

• Advance quality initiatives
• Improving access to care
• Keeping costs contained
• Ensuring staff productivity

Our goal is to help you find the solutions you need to deliver the best care possible.

Clinical Workflow Solutions: Clinical Workflow Solutions help local and remote healthcare teams improve collaboration, streamline workflows, enhance patient examinations and consultations, and make critical decisions more quickly. These solutions provide the tools and resources you need to deliver high-quality patient care.

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EHR & CPOE Solutions: The passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) provides incentives to encourage physicians and healthcare providers to become complaint in regards to electronic health records (EHRs) and other healthcare IT solutions that reduce costs by improving quality, safety and efficiency. Physicians who demonstrate “meaningful use” of “certified” EHRs could be eligible for up to $64,000 in incentives over six years.

Representing the interests of our Healthcare customers, Linux Box Solutions is active in monitoring Healthcare Regulations and Guidelines. As we monitor the progress of the ARRA healthcare IT incentives, we are working closely with Healthcare Technology Providers to provide Compliant, Secure, & Flexible Solutions for the Medical Industry.

Linux Box Solutions delivers (EHR/CPOE), solutions that automate the clinical functions of a physicians practice: prescription management, diagnostic order entry, results reporting and clinical workflow management. We look at the needs of the healthcare provider, Hospitals, Branch Offices, Affiliated Physicians and design customized solutions to ensure the healthcare provider can access patient records and information quickly and safely.

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Healthcare Communication Solutions: With increasing numbers of patients but limited resources, healthcare providers are looking to technology to maximize expert resources and increase collaboration, while reducing costs. Collaboration using, high-definition video conferencing allows healthcare providers to improve the speed, quality, and access to care.

Medical research and diagnostics are a team activity, spanning multiple locations and sometimes countries. Teleconferencing gives healthcare providers access to the latest field knowledge and research results through real-time global collaboration. Cost-effective clinical collaboration with colleagues in other facilities reduces travel costs while enhancing the effectiveness of communication.

Medical-Grade Network & Automated Network Solutions: As the traditional healthcare network perimeter continues to dissolve and the medical industry becomes more of a borderless environment, smartphones, tablets, other endpoint devices, and web applications are irreversibly changing the way the healthcare industry provides patient care. Linux Box Solutions, Inc. has embraced the “Any Device” vision, which allows for greater employee choice in devices while maintaining a common, predictable user experience that maintains or enhances global organizational competitiveness, productivity, and security.

All healthcare providers have their own distinct reasons, such as data security, increased mobility, and collaborative work environments, for the necessity of shared access to real-time data. As the choice and number of endpoint devices increase, enterprises must consider what assets they will—or will not—allow to access their applications and data, both within their network and outside it. Then, they need to determine how to plan, track, account for, and enforce those policies.

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