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Linux Box Solutions Services


Linux Box Solution - Services

Linux Box Solutions, Inc. provides Linux and Microsoft related IT Services at competitive prices. Weather your network is a Linux or Microsoft based Network we can help you maintain your Network & Security, Implement new Technologies to help stream line your business processes, provide IT Consulting to help reduce overall IT Costs while raising your bottom line profit, and help ensure you business is always running and safe guarded to withstand any disaster and/or data loss.

Consumer Services

Mobile Device Repair: Mobile devices are now our way of life, and like most people your Mobile Device expresses who you are as a person. Once modified though, you have most likely voided your warranty. Linux Box Solutions can help repair a bricked and/or damaged mobile device.

Android Device Customization: We know you want a fully unique experience when it comes to your android device, but may not have the full technical knowhow. Linux Box Solutions offers a unique service by fully customizing your android device with any Community ROM your device supports, and with one of a kind icons, boot screens and boot logos.

Business Services

Network Setup & Maintenance: Your network's overall structure is the foundation of any business that relies on today's technologies such as VOIP Telecommunications, Hi-Bandwidth WAN Ethernet Services, Colocation Services, and Data Backup Services and technologies. Ensuring all these technologies are running as efficiently as possible together on your network can become expensive employing in-house IT Staff. Linux Box Solutions, Inc. solves this problem with monthly, semi-annually, and annual Network Maintenance contracts. Don't allow your Network to slow your business down.

Network Security: With the threats of today trolling the internet there is nothing more important than securing your sensitive & secure data. Linux Box Solutions, Inc. provides solutions using the industries leading products such as Cisco Firewall & Routers, Sonicwall Network Security Products, Symantec Products and more. Allow us to help you keep peace of mind that your network is fully secure from hackers, viruses and other potential threats.

Virtual Data Center Conversion: Virtualizing your IT infrastructure can help drastically reduce your overall IT Costs. Virtualization of your existing network resources helps ensure to maximize your available resource while reducing the overall need and cost it takes to manage your non-virtualized Infrastructures. Virtualization will also help 24/7 Monitoring of your resources and dynamic resource allocation of these resource when and where it is needed.

Business Mobility Services: With the ever increasing need for mobility, Linux Box Solutions can help integrate your business with the Worlds leading Mobile Technologies such as Android Tablets & Smart Phones, iPhone's, Laptops, and other Mobile Business Solutions. Our Mobile Solutions will provide your business what it needs to stay interconnected with your critical business applications while on the go.

Server/Personal Computer Repair: Even with the efficiency of technology today things still go wrong and equipment fails, sometimes with out any notice. Bringing this equipment backup to a fully functional and reliable state again is something that needs to be done quickly. Linux Box Solutions, provides in-house Emergency System Repair, while also providing basic Server and Personal Computer Repair for those cases that aren't emergencies.

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