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products: VMware vFabric Product Family

Build, Run and Scale Applications On-Premise and in the Cloud

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Ideally suited to the needs of modern data-intensive applications, the vFabric Cloud Application Platform is the best place to build, run and scale custom applications whether on-premise or in the cloud. Optimized for the Spring Framework which is used by more than 50% of Java developers worldwide, vFabric is also ideally suited for virtual infrastructure and provides a clear pathway to the cloud for your custom applications..

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vFabric tc Server

vFabric tc Server's built-in Spring instrumentation accelerates development and deployment by as much as 50% over traditional JEE servers. This 100% Apache Tomcat compatible enterprise application server is engineered for Spring and purpose-built for VMware VMware vSphere virtualization.

vFabric GemFire: High performance data management

Deliver speed and dynamic scalability, together with the reliability and data management capabilities of a database. GemFire is a core component of VMware's vFabric Cloud Platform is the ideal solution for fast, secure, dependable and cloud-scalable data access. GemFire blends advanced techniques like replication, partitioning, data-aware routing and continuous querying.

vFabric Hyperic: Application monitoring

Continuously monitor web applications on physical, virtual or cloud infrastructures with Hyperic and get auto-discovery of over 75 common web application technologies, advanced alerting to reduce duplicate and irrelevant alerts and schedule control for administrative actions like restarting servers.

vFabric Enterprise Ready Server: Apache web server with load balancing

Get enterprise-level performance, scalability and security while reducing the cost and complexity of sophisticated web infrastructures with VMware vFabric Enterprise Ready Server (ERS). ERS is the web server and load-balancing component of VMware's vFabric Cloud Platform and the most widely distributed Apache web server package.

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