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Your Cloud. Delivered Your Way.

VMware cloud infrastructure and management solutions deliver an intelligent virtual infrastructure that allows IT to realize greater efficiency, reliability, security and agility. Built on the industry's leading virtualization platform, VMware solutions ensure consistent security, compliance, management and service quality regardless of where your workloads run: in your datacenter, public clouds or both.

Run your business-critical applications with confidence at lower cost and complexity

Offer the highest levels of availability and responsiveness with VMware vSphere, the industry's most complete and robust virtualization platform. The most demanding datacenters around the world depend on vSphere to virtualize business critical applications with dynamic resource pools for unprecedented flexibility and reliability. VMware vSphere:
  • Helps organizations of every size create and run virtual machines for even the most resource intensive applications
  • Provides the industry’s most comprehensive and robust set of availability solutions to ensure all applications receive the appropriate level of protection from both planned and unplanned downtime
  • Has broad industry support so you can be very confident in your decision to virtualize your business-critical applications on vSphere  

Manage every level of your virtual infrastructure

VMware vCenter Server creates a centralized management system that gives IT administrators dramatically more control and visibility than other management platforms. Use it to:
  • Double the typical productivity of managing physical infrastructure
  • Unlock the power of vSphere through proactive management
  • Broaden your partner ecosystem with a scalable management platform

Reduce complexity with a unified security policy framework for the cloud

VMware vShield unlocks the benefits of the cloud without compromising security, control, and compliance. In fact, our virtualization-aware security is better than physical protection. vShield provides a comprehensive set of services for securing the datacenter at any level — host, network, applications, data and endpoint — in a single management framework integrated with vCenter Server. Use it to:
  • Improve cloud agility, lower costs and complexity and accelerate IT compliance
  • Secure applications and data with adaptive Trust Zones
  • Accelerate compliance and automate remediation

Deliver Infrastructure as a Service with Agility

Using VMware vCloud Director, your end users can deploy services and consume resources on demand through a Web portal rather than filing service-desk tickets and waiting in queues. And to promote sharing and collaboration across the organization, you can store the most frequently used vApp configurations in catalogs. Use VMware vCenter Chargeback to automate chargeback and increase cost visibility

VMware delivers the industry-leading cloud infrastructure solution for building trusted private, public and hybrid clouds, while making use of existing IT investments. Leveraging the proven vSphere platform, VMware creates an intelligent cloud infrastructure with built-in automation and resource elasticity to free IT from manual processes, and enable it to meet business requirements on demand.

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