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products: VMware ThinApp

Accelerate Application Deployment and Simplify Migration

Introduction to application virtualization. Download the whitepaper.

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VMware ThinApp makes it possible to execute applications without actually installing them. The applications are packaged into single executables that run completely isolated from each other and the operating system for conflict-free execution on end-point devices. Application packages can be deployed to different Windows platforms so that you can easily migrate existing applications to Windows 7.

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Eliminate installation expenses and conflicts

Use ThinApp to quickly package an entire application—and its settings—into a single executable file. Your virtual applications work together but are isolated from each other and the operating system for conflict-free execution. This approach helps you eliminate:
  • Application-to-application conflict
  • Application-to-operating-system conflicts
  • Impacts to the underlying operating system
  • Costly recoding and regression testing
  • Additional server hardware or software investments

Package once, deploy everywhere

Deploy virtualized applications in user mode, without administrative rights. No server or client software is installed and no registry changes are made because the entire application and its virtual OS are delivered as a single EXE file. With ThinApp you can:
  • Assign packages to individual desktops or groups of desktops in View Manager
  • Transparently stream large applications from a shared network drive
  • Upgrade or roll back applications while they’re running

Cater to your mobile workforce

On the road or in the office, give your users reliable and flexible application access on virtually any computer they have access to, including kiosk and hotel PCs. They won't need to install software or device drivers and don't need admin rights. Applications run directly from portable storage devices, including Flash drives.
Whether you want to accelerate application deployment or simplify OS migration, VMware ThinApp is an easy and cost effective way to deliver reliable and flexible access to applications for all your user profiles.

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