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Physical security solutions weren't designed to secure virtualized infrastructures and cloud environments. For example, provisioning hardware-based point solutions for firewalls, load balancers and VPN is expensive. Configuring your infrastructure with a mishmash of different rules and policies results in confusion, limited visibility and control and compliance issues. Lastly, solutions that aren't virtualization- and change-aware can impact performance.

The VMware vShield product family makes virtualized datacenters and cloud environments more secure by strengthening both application and data security, improving visibility and control and achieving security compliance across the organization.

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Reduce complexity

vShield delivers adaptive and cost-effective security services as part of VMware's unified security and compliance policy management framework. It ensures your corporate security policies are implemented consistently across all VMware and third-party solutions.

Secure your applications and virtual machines

vShield features adaptive trust zones, which securely isolate applications with different trust levels, and quarantine virtual machines that may have been compromised.

Discover sensitive data to accelerate compliance

vShield continuously assesses your IT compliance state and automated remediation of issues across virtual and physical infrastructure. Continuous dynamic discovery and classification of sensitive business information reduces risk and accelerates IT compliance.
Bundle or mix-and-match the products in the VMware vShield product family to create the perfect solution for your unique environment. Our solutions provide:
  • Security for your business and users — vShield App and vShield Edge protect your applications and the virtual datacenter perimeter
  • The ability to offload key antivirus and anti-malware functions — vShield Endpoint eliminates the antivirus agent footprint in virtual machines
  • Management for your entire security solution — vShield Manager is the end-to-end security management framework included in all vShield products

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