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Linux Box Solution - Services

Overview: Solutions

Manage Dynamic Virtualized Environments and Cloud Infrastructures

From small and midsize businesses to Fortune 500 companies, more than 250,000 customers worldwide trust VMware's proven, production-ready technology in their datacenters. From efficiency to security, from management to agility, our solutions address the needs of the world's most demanding IT environments.

Manage your virtual infrastructure from a single point of control

Make your cloud solution uniquely yours

Whether you need a cloud that's internal and private, a public cloud that leverages external services, or a hybrid cloud that seamlessly and securely integrates them both, we customize your cloud computing solution to your business needs.

Build, run and manage data-intensive applications

Through virtualization, VMware fundamentally improves the portability, manageability and compatibility of your applications. Our application platform solutions feature all the functionality you need to build and deploy virtual applications with confidence.

Provide rich and reliable access to any end user from any device

End users now require anytime, anywhere access from an ever-growing array of applications and devices — demands that traditional tools and processes cannot provide. Offer your end users a rich, consistent and high-performance desktop experience with VMware Desktop and End-User Computing solutions.
  • Get desktops that follow end users — wherever they go — VMware View
  • Deliver reliable and flexible application deployment access on any computer with VMware ThinApp

No matter how large or small your business, our virtualization solutions give you the automation and control you need to fundamentally improve the performance of your virtualized environments and cloud infrastructure.

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