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solutions: Desktops as a Managed Service

Deliver Desktops Anywhere,
Anytime Your Users Need Them

EMA white paper: Stateless virtual desktops

Give users the flexible access they demand while increasing IT's control over desktops, applications, and data. Use VMware View to simplify and centralize desktop management for reduced costs and easily meet regulatory guidelines and ensure all desktops and applications are up to date and in compliance. You'll reduce help-desk calls and will be able to provide higher levels of service to end users.

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Streamline Desktop Management and Deployment

VMware View enables you to instantly provision desktops to local and remote users from the datacenter. Standardize desktop deployments by creating images of approved desktops, then automatically provision as many as you need. Use VMware View to deliver desktops as a managed service and you'll typically reduce your overall desktop costs by 50%. It helps you:
  • Easily manage groups of users from a single desktop image
  • Standardize your virtualization platform from the datacenter to the cloud
  • Deliver a high-performance and secure desktop experience to remote users

Deliver Built-in Business Continuity for the Desktop

In the event of a quarantine or natural disaster, you can meet work-from-home mandates with an emergency preparedness policy and VMware View. It's the only desktop virtualization solution that provides built-in business continuity and disaster recovery for the desktop at no additional cost.

Ensure Security with Centralized Control and Management

VMware desktop virtualization solutions enable enterprises to secure data, centralize access control and maintain compliance without sacrificing end-user performance. Protect your organization's information assets and ensure compliance with industry and government regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, government mandates on settings for PCs and more with desktop virtualization.
  • Ensure corporate security compliance with end-user restricted entitlements
  • Maintain locked-down desktops without restricting application access
  • Manage and track software application usage and deployment
  • Decouple hardware, applications and operating systems to eliminate compatibility issues during OS migrations and upgrades
Decouple hardware, applications and operating systems to eliminate compatibility issues during OS migrations and upgrades

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