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Solutions: Small and Midsize Business

Protect Your Business and Simplify Your IT

10 Ways to get more from your IT budget

For small and midsize businesses (SMBs), business continuity is a top priority and also a big challenge. After all, there is a proliferation of new devices entering the IT environment, and finding ways to protect them all is expensive and complicated. More SMBs trust their virtualization to VMware than any other provider because we make business continuity simple, and make IT management simple with policy-based automation.

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Deliver highly available applications and desktop environments

VMware secures your IT environment from end to end, while providing built in high availability for all the applications you already use. Manage your entire security solution from a single, virtualization-aware framework. This approach gives your several options, including:
  • Automatic restart when server failures occur or ensure no disruption at all with fault-tolerant protection
  • Provide business continuity for desktop environment
  • Multi-site failover planning and execution

Stay focused on running your business with IT that just works

VMware simplifies your IT with intuitive management. Now you can control and secure everything — from your end-user’s mailboxes to your virtual and physical infrastructure — directly from your Web browser. Use VMware to:
  • Ensure your most important apps perform at their best with just a few mouse clicks
  • Let your end users access the apps they know from any device

Lower your infrastructure costs with the industry's leading virtualization platform

SMBs have always needed to achieve big goals with modest resources and budgets. To help, VMware offers solutions designed to maximize your budget: 
  • Get the most from your hardware with higher utilization through server consolidation
  • Save on application costs with email collaboration solutions that work with your existing investments
  • Save on desktop hardware by extending the refresh cycles

Get business continuity even if you don't have shared storage hardware

The groundbreaking VMware vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA) software enables all small and midsize businesses to use the advanced features of vSphere. This means SMBs without shared storage hardware can still use vSphere High Availability for business continuity, or vMotion, to eliminate planned downtime from server maintenance.

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