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Solutions: Virtualizing Enterprise Applications

Increase the Availability of
Your Enterprise Software and Applications

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Get breakthrough performance and outstanding reliability with VMware vSphere. It supports your industry-leading business-critical applications like Exchange, SQL, SAP, Oracle and many others. Use it to:

  • Consolidate your x86 servers to maximize efficiency and cut CAPEX by up to 70%
  • Accelerate application lifecycles with fast, self-service provisioning
  • Protect all your applications from downtime with built-in business continuity solutions
  • Scale dynamically to ensure service levels under unpredictable loads

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Exceed the performance of physical servers

When running on vSphere, more than 95% of applications—including large databases, enterprise business suites and email—match or exceed their performance levels on physical servers. Each virtual machine can scale to 32 vCPU, 1 TB of vRAM and more than 1,000,000 disk IOPS. And applications can also be scaled out on multiple virtual machines.

Maximize infrastructure efficiency

Consolidate your entire infrastructure and achieve 5X to 10X consolidation ratios for demanding applications such as Exchange and SAP. Eliminate the need to provision dedicated testing, staging, training and DR servers. In production, give applications exactly the capacity they need, when they need it, to right-size infrastructure without massive overprovisioning.

Accelerate the entire application lifecycle

From the labs to production, VMware cuts provisioning time from weeks to minutes.

  • Clone production applications into the labs for faster and more accurate testing
  • Provide application teams with self-service provisioning of standardized development environments with vCenter Lab Manager
  • Eliminate the lead-time and risk associated with manual provisioning
Create a standardized catalog of multi-tier applications (vApps) that can be provisioned with the click of a button. Together with VMware, we can provide the support and services to help you consolidate, automate and better manage your datacenter to significantly reduce capital and operating expenses.

Ensure application availability and dynamic scalability

Ensure end-user Quality of Service by automatically providing the right levels of application availability and scalability. Implement reliable, automated disaster recovery plans with vCenter Site Recovery Manager. Allocate resources dynamically to any individual application to ensure service levels, even under unpredictable loads.

Leverage broad support from software vendors

Three of the top four global ISVs—Microsoft, SAP, and IBM—now provide the same level of application support on VMware as on physical servers. Even Oracle has a support statement in place for VMware. And hundreds of smaller ISVs support their applications on VMware.

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